Volume 10, Number 2:15-25;2020

Xiaofei He, Saran Feng, Caleb Hawkins, Lauren Lawley, Wenxin Fan, Yan Xu, Xiang-Ming Zha, Jing Fang: G protein-coupled receptor 68 increases the number of B lymphocytes. Am J Blood Res 2020;10(2):15-21. (Full text, PDF).

Esraa Jamal, Shaimaa El-Ashwah, Mohamed A Ebrahim, Marwa MA Zaki, Layla’M Saleh, Adel El-Badrawy, Emad Azmy: Case report; meta-synchronous triple malignancy in primary diagnosed CML patient. Am J Blood Res 2020;10(2):22-25. (Full text, PDF).
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